Wisdom Of Life: NGO and Charity Theme for corporations, Charities and NGO’s

Wisdom Of Life: NGO and Charity Theme is another useful theme from WordPress that is helpful in a number of ways, for a number of organizations.
The theme has been made to suit the requirements of NGO’s or non-profit organizations or even corporate websites.
The color scheme used in this theme is what gives you the first signal as to what kinds of organizations the theme is most suited to.

wisdom of life

This theme has highly customizable options that let you exercise your will with the theme by allowing you to change it from almost any side or corner and change it to make it look like the way you want to see it.

Donation widget
Also, there is an eye catching donation widget especially made for non-profit organizations and NGO’s so that there is no chance that any visitor to the website would miss the appeal for donation from the subject NGO.

High on demand
There have been thousands of purchases of the Wisdom Of Life: NGO and Charity Theme to-date and that speaks volumes about the popularity of this theme with the organizations that is was made for since the theme is being sold like hot cake in the market!

There is also included a very stylish gallery in the theme for storing your pictures as well as videos so that you can use it as often as you require and have an enjoyable experience while doing so.
The images and videos that are stored in this gallery can be zoomed in or zoomed out which is yet another appreciable feature.

Support for Google advertisements
There is also support for Google advertisements in the WordPress theme, something which will allow you to earn revenue from your website after placing adverts from Google in there so that you are able to earn something to cover the expenditures of running your website.
There are quick skin files available so that you can quickly and easily design the customization that you want in your files.

More widgets
There are many other widgets available in the theme such as the event count down widget that is available with this theme as well as google maps for events.

There is also space for multiple widget areas so that all those widgets that you feel would be useful for the sake of your website, can easily be placed in the designated areas for such widgets.
This feature is bound to strike a chord with you if you already have a list of widgets that you have decided to put onto your website, widgets that are beneficial in one way or the other for your webpage.

There is also the facebook page integration widget known as the like box, that comes pre-installed with the Wisdom Of Life: NGO and Charity Theme and that is sought after by every site since they want users to like their page that they have created on Facebook so that users keep getting their posts in their news feed and are thus constantly reminded of the subject website so that they may choose to redirect to that website and be of some benefit to the NGO or non-profit organization or even the corporate organization in question that is running the website.

Bluri Theme best-suited for all kinds of businesses

Bluri is a single page WordPress theme that boasts of a very attractive design that is best suited for business related websites.

The design of the theme is such that any kind of business would easily be able to adjust to the features of the theme and actually find them very helpful for updating the website with all of the information pertaining to its business.


Different Color Combinations

The Bluri theme comes with three different color combinations and that make it very catchy to the eye and hence it maintains a high appeal for its visitors. This translates into a favorable impression of the business to users and they would most probably be inclined to read about what the business is all about and what it stands to offer them in terms of its products and services.

Extremely Customizable

This WordPress theme is based on bootstrap and it has a powerful admin panel that lets you control so many things about the theme which you may not have had experienced before.

There are highly detailed options that you have been given relating to the theme so that you can make changes to the theme and make it look as you envisioned it for your website.

You will realize that a lot of effort has been put into ensuring that the user of the theme does not complain about the theme being a closed end thing.

This means that the intention of the coders of the theme was to allow any and every change that the administrator would like to make to the theme, as per his choice.

Custom tile and header

There are custom title options available with the Bluri theme which allow you to add customized titles to your webpage so that they look even more creative and attractive with such titles added to them.

There is also a sticky header that is available and that you can put to good sue if it looks cool over any post.

Portfolio columns view

Moreover, there are available 3 portfolio columns view in the Bluri theme such that they allow 2 columns, 3 columns as well as 4 columns view over the theme so that whichever view is more appealing or useful can be adopted and used for the purpose of giving out relevant info about the subject business.

Blog Post Formats

There are also 3 blog post formats such as pictures, audio and video, that allow the use of any of them to be uploaded to the website so that interest can be generated for incoming users by combining these different forms of multimedia with textual content that is uploaded onto the website such that the users enjoy browsing the website of the subject entity and wish to come back as well.

So there are a number of features of the Bluri theme that would help make any website look very attractive and appealing to the looks and would therefore contribute to a high traffic over it.

The help NGO WordPress theme for all NGO’s

The HELP NGO WordPress theme has specially been designed for NGOs and would definitely be  very welcome by them since it would help convey their message to their target audiences in a more accurate manner because it has been designed keeping in mind the needs of Non-Governmental Organizations [NGO’s].


H.E.L.P. features

The H.E.L.P. theme has a lot of features that are very useful for the work of any NGO as they facilitate such an organization in putting up the requisite information onto their website.

The features that are covered include events management, news management as well as blog management so that the organization can easily handle each of these three categories that it needs to manage time and again over its website.

Donation Widget

In addition to that, there is a donation widget available over the H.E.L.P. NGO theme that is sought after by every NGO since they need to be able to receive donations from the incoming public to their webpage.

Further to that, the theme includes aspects such as a valid HTML 5 Strict and CSS as well as a multi-level drop-down menu which is improved with JQuery.

It also includes PSD files as well as all the documentation that is necessary to run it.

Multiple Skins

Moreover, you can easily change color skins and customize graphics using the H.E.L.P. NGO theme and so no worries on that at all.

Also, there are quick skin files that are to be used for the purpose of fast and easy design customization and they would come in very handy for any NGO if it is always looking to customize its webpage in newer ways all the time.

Compatibility with new browsers

The H.E.L.P. NGO theme is compatible with all new browsers so there are no issues of the theme not opening up with all of its features in any particular browser.

No matter which browser you are comfortable using, you can rest assured that the H.E.L.P. NGO theme would work fine with it and display all of your selected elements.

Technical Support

Support for any technical difficulties or any other problem related to the theme is easily available and an email can be sent by the administrators of the website of the concerned NGO to the technical team from WordPress that deals with this theme.

They will respond in their first priority and solve all related issues pertaining to the theme so that all of the problems can be done away with immediately.

You will receive a reply to any of your email queries usually within 24 hours if the email is sent during working days and if it is sent during public holidays or weekends, then the first working day after it would be when you receive your reply so you can rest assured that there would not be any unnecessary delay in the reply to your problems and that you would be given the highest standard of customer service in this regard.


Themes and Templates


Themes are what control the way your website or blog looks.


Theme Frameworks

Themes Frameworks are the same thing as Themes but allow a webmaster to customize not only the look of your site but also turn features on and off globally and on a per page basis right from within WordPress and often without having to know or use any HTML or CSS code.

Page Templates

Page Template in WordPress allows you to change the look, layout or content of a single page. For example, you might want to have a squeeze page on your site that doesn’t look anything like the rest of your website. You might want to have an automated sitemap to help visitors quickly find what they are looking for. You might have a directory of contacts or businesses in a database that you want to display in a consistent way. These are all reasons to use a Page Template.

Within the context of WordPress, some people who are used to using the term Template might just be unknowingly using the wrong terminology for the particular technology.

What to Look For in a Theme

Some people go pretty far using regular themes that were not frameworks. Because they have less options, they are often simpler to use and therefore easier for beginners. For someone who is creating a simple site, that could be fine. However at some point, many people wish they could do something that can’t be done in their theme and end up either replacing the theme or hiring a developer to extend the theme with a custom page template.

With the world moving quickly to HTML5 and other newer technologies like support for mobile devices, these are definitely things you have to consider. Sales of Smart Phones and other mobile devices have skyrocketed compared to computers, which tell us that more people will be surfing the web on these devices. Look for templates that are responsive, which means that they will make your site look good no matter what the device. Why implement something that is obsolete or that won’t meet your needs in a couple of years? Building a website may sound easy but if you want something professional looking that meets your customers’ needs, it takes any two of the three – time, effort and money. You may as well build something sustainable unless you don’t mind re-doing it in a year or so.

No matter which theme you end up choosing, create a child theme right away. What it does is separate the customizations you make to your site from the original theme so that, when you upgrade your theme to get the latest security fixes or new features, it doesn’t end up overriding and undoing all your work.

One last piece of advice; always have a good backup of your site. If you are playing around with the Weaver II theme settings for example, use the built-in feature to quickly and easily backup your theme settings so that they can be instantly restored in case you really mess up. This alone can save you hours of work.


SocialPlay WordPress Theme – Sync Media

SocialPlay is yet another interesting theme from WordPress that is tailored for a website which is about social networking and is therefore all about sharing miscellaneous stuff with lots of people so that they can give their feedback about it in the form of comments and can share it on with other friends in their respective social circles.

socialplay - WordPress theme

Sharing and customizing

This theme gives you the option of sharing miscellaneous videos from any of the major video sharing websites such as You Tube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Blip.tv etc. such that you can play them on to your own website, all courtesy of the SocialPlay theme.

A very interesting thing here is that this theme can be customized as per your requirements so that if you feel that you do not approve of something that the coders came up with, and that you have something more creative in your mind which you want to see onto your website, you can make good use of the customization option right away and make the theme look almost exactly like the picture that you have created in your mind!


SEO optimized already

More importantly, the SocialPlay WordPress theme has been SEO optimized already which means that you will not have to expend efforts as far as that aspect of the theme is concerned.

You must surely be well informed about the importance of search engine optimization for any website and so if you mount a theme on your website that already enjoys high SEO rankings, then, you must rest assured that you have secured a solid benefit for your website which will start paying off immediately.


Random Uploads

Another very cool feature of the theme is that since it is made for a social networking website, any user who comes to your website would be able to upload a picture, an audio or a video of his choice provided that he is registered and given that he had permission from you as the administrator.

More so, to couple you social networking website with the major ones, say, Facebook, there is Facebook login support available with this theme, implying that incoming users do not have to go through the process of getting registered with you by filling out a form or something; they can simply use their login details stored with facebook to log onto your site and start enjoying right-away~!


Additional features

You also have the option to apply any of your favorite colors on the theme, any color scheme that appeals to you or that is in line with your website’s subject, i.e. whether it is about traveling, about education, about law, et cetera.

In addition to that, the theme also has features such as 404 page error display, the revolution slider plugin, as well as the option for multiple background patterns.


You also have the choice to use sidebars on the left or on the right, whichever appeals to your eye more than the other.

There is also a contact page available that you can use top add details about how people can get in touch with you if they are very happy using your website and want to communicate with you for one reason or another so a couple of cool features there too.

Building Websites On The WordPress Platform

The most robust tool for creating innovative websites these days is known to be WordPress.  Whether the website needs to be made for business or entertainment purpose, you can use this content management system readily.  Even the developers enjoy working on this platform because of the number of useful features it is offering. One major reason behind its popularity is the fact that it is simple and easy to use.

The need of developing a website

Web designing and development sure has become one of the popular trends of the time today. If you are running a business, you must make sure that you have created an online presence. You have to do so to attract more and more customers and drive business growth.  The best way to increase sales and promote your business is to make a website. This website will enable customers to locate your brand and they will be able to shop whatever they need online.


Using WordPress for website development

If you want to make a website, then you would definitely want a high performance website that could be user friendly and that could enhance your site’s visibility. This goal can be achieved by using <a href=”http://www.wpnukes.com”>WordPress</a>. You can use WordPress for maintaining your website in the most organized way. Your website will become much more dynamic and its design can be enhanced too.

Here are some of the main attractions of using WordPress:

  • WordPress can let you customize web content and add themes according to the changing business demands. This CMS consists of simple tools that can help you make your website appealing offering a great user experience.
  • The admin dashboard of WordPress is designed in such a way that it can enable you to manage the website administration in a smooth way. You will have a number of <a href=”http://www.wpnukes.com”>wordpress themes</a> and plug-ins to use for making your website much more appealing and interesting. This sure is a flexible technology that you can mold according to your needs and requirement and hence accomplish a wonderful web development project.
  • The usability and the interactivity of your website will be much higher.  This will be a selling point for attracting audience to your site. Adding new pages in your WordPress will not be difficult. You will not need a web designer or developer to add the pages or make changes for you site. Even a layman can make changes in the website according to his need.
  • The posts are updated automatically with WordPress. You can schedule the date and time for the posts and they will be published to your website automatically.  This means that you can easily carry out your business operations in an efficient way.
  • WordPress is a stable tool that comes with a number of features and functionalities that can make things much easier for not just the users but the developers too. A great thing is that it is even SEO friendly. Your website made out of WordPress will not have to compromise on the search engine ranking. You site will get Increased visibility.

Choosing WordPress for your e-commerce website

E-commerce is being adopted by people all over the world. If you wish to become an entrepreneur then you would also choose an e-commerce business keeping in mind its benefits. We all know this well how much internet has been flourished and how each company these days in trying to make a position on the web to earn a brand name. It is now said that if you wish to target more and more customers then make sure you have made an online presence.


Here are some ways you can target your customer in the most successful way:

Conduct market research

The first thing for ensuring success of any venture is to conduct market research.  When you are about to launch any new product in the market, first of all you have to conduct research in order to know the taste of your target market, see what the competitors are doing and try your best to leave an impression on the market.

Use WordPress for your e-commerce website

You need to focus on making your ecommerce website now. When you are making a website, you should use WordPress. You might see many people choosing WordPress but why is that so? The major reason is that you can make your website by putting less effort and less time.

That’s not the only benefit of using WordPress. The best thing is that it is quite easy to use. You can easily update the content of the website, add images and change the layout too. Everything will be done by you, you will not need extra money for this. WordPress is full of possibilities. You can play with the design of your website just the way you want.  If you want to add some pages, include some posts, add or remove the sidebars, change the layout, everything will be done by you according to your need.  There are free WordPress plugins available which you can use to add customized touches to your website and make it unique.

Every ecommerce website needs e-cart. If you will design such a website by using some programing languages like PHP or .net then it will cost you a lot of money. There will be no such issue in designing a website through WordPress. A number of free and paid plugins are available that can let you change the design according to your choice. You will eventually get to save a lot of money by designing your e-commerce website through WordPress.

Implement your designing concepts

You will obviously have some designing concepts in your mind regarding the website. You can hence implement your designing concepts through the help of the pre-designed themes.  You can design your concept in any image format and then transform it into the WordPress theme too. You can again use the free plugins here for making your WordPress website.

WordPress is a good choice for any kind of e-commerce website. You will not have to incur much cost and even if you don’t have much knowledge, you can still make your very own website without any issue.


Creating websites with exclusive themes in WordPress

When a business faces threats of fierce competition, what should it do? You would probably look for some alternative and find an advanced way of running the business? If you haven’t created a website for your business then you are way behind success. Creating a website is one of the advanced ways of doing business as you can expand your exposure and reach out a large number of people. Open source technologies like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are very much useful in developing websites.  Ever since the year 2003 WordPress content management system has turned out to be very much popular among all the developers as well as users. Making a WordPress website is not difficult. Lately, a number of websites are being developed in this content management system.



Why WordPress?

Many people wonder why WordPress development has become so much popular. The major reason for the popularity of this CMS is the availability of a number of themes. If you have decided to choose WordPress for building your website then you must make sure you choose the right theme. It is obvious that you would want the target audience to fall for your website. For that you will have to make sure that you choose the theme carefully.  There are lots of free WordPress themes available but the problem is that the theme that you choose might already be taken by some other website. This will be a compromise on the uniqueness of your website. You must hence select such a theme that reflects the purpose of your site well. Find the most unique theme that is attention grabbing at the same time.

Designing a website in WordPress

The WordPress themes are available in different categories such as video, travel, business, real estate, magazine, restaurant theme etc. You can even subscribe to the premium membership forgetting exclusive WordPress themes.  The theme must be synchronized with the idea of your site. Suppose that you are running a website about leather goods. The theme of the website should hence have the leather products.  The website must be simple.  People don’t like visiting such websites that are complex to navigate. Even if your website is attractive and it has got the best theme, if there is no ease of navigation then no customer will like to visit it ever again.  The WordPress websites are mostly user friendly.

The WordPress blogs

WordPress development is very much helpful in creating blogs.  We all know how much money blogs can let you earn. You can create your very own website by using the WordPress templates. Usually the tools required for the development of WordPress website include a local server, browser, dummy content, text editor, and similar other tools. Creating an e-commerce website through WordPress is much easier than creating one in languages like PHP.  WordPress websites are quite cost effective.

Making your dream website through WordPress will not be a big deal at all. You won’t also need any kind of special training for developing your very own website. That’s why most of the developers are comfortable in working with WordPress more than any other CMS.

Top 4 Reasons To Choose WordPress

WordPress comes with lots of features don’t it? Tools, plugins, themes and plenty of other widgets make it the first choice of most of the developers out there. Today, there are a number of open source platforms available that are equally good as WordPress but why is still WordPress being preferred all over the world? Take a look at the top 4 reasons why WordPress development is being chosen these days:


1.       Graphical flexibility

WordPress is an open source blogging that comes with a number of attractive themes. These themes are easy to use and they can be customized easily too. Tons of packaged themes are available. The graphical flexibility of the WordPress development means you can hire a template designer to make the most of the out this CMS. He can update the static look of your site through the CSS files and HTML coding. The designer can also make a customized theme for your website by merging different template files.  The theme structure will add flexibility to the design of the website.

2.       Structure flexibility

You can add a number of pages to your WordPress website and have them arranged in a hierarchy.  The multi-language support and domains can make this CMS development much more favorable.  You can easily add custom content too but for that you will need to use add-ons.

3.       User roles 

The most useful feature of WordPress is that it allows you to define user roles for your website. 3 administrative roles are being currently supported by WordPress. The users who can draft content are not allowed to publish. There are users who can draft and publish their content as well as that of other people. Lastly, there are users who can draft and publish their own content only. You can define more roles through add-ons.

4.       Web 2.0

WordPress is not just a dynamic content management system, it is also being widely used as a blogging tool. This web 2.0 functionally is used by most of the bloggers out there. It can let the visitors post comments and the visitors can even create their personal blogs using WordPress. You can also use it as social networking platform by using the add-on modules letting your visitors create their own groups and make friends. Users can also publish RSS feeds for their content.

There are more benefits of using WordPress too. The community support and SEO friendliness of the website makes it much more prominent among the other content management systems. If you wish to add some advance features to your site, you might be able to understand what to do because for this the knowledge of core structure is required. But no problem, you can readily find the WordPress developers. You will have to make sure you hire a WordPress developer from a reputed PHP development firm if you wish to get the best results.

On the whole, everyone will find WordPress a lot useful. It will make simple and attractive websites that will be loved by the visitors. That’s all what any business might need.


WordPress in your language

By default, WordPress is available in English Language [US] when it is used by millions of webmasters the world over for the sake of their websites.

This is the man language that is used to upload content onto websites that employ WordPress for their content generation.

WP language

However, it is true that since WordPress is used across the globe, across different cultures, many people may not be comfortable with using English as a medium of conversation, especially people from nations such as Iran and China etc. who do not approve of any culture more than their own and their leaders speak their own language wherever they go!

WordPress in your local language

Therefore, for all those people who think this way, WordPress has introduced WordPress in your languagesuch that WordPress is made available in many different languages, which means that content can be uploaded in the mother tongues of different cultures and communities the world over.

Poetic websites

This naturally has a very positive effect, especially for websites such as those dedicated to poetry etc. where content loses its impact if it is not uploaded in the tongue it is written in but uploaded in English Language instead.

This is therefore a thoughtful addition on the part of the WordPress team and it has stuck a chord with all those people who wish to see their workings in their own language.

For instance Iran

For instance, the official website of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, www.president.ir, is in Persian, amongst other languages that are supported, all thanks to WordPress development team.

Multilingual support

Moreover, another very useful feature of WordPress themes is that they can support MORE THAN ONE language at one and the same time which practically means that they are translation ready.

Therefore, should you feel more comfortable in one language as compared to the other, you can simply shift to that language and review content posted on a website in your language of choice.

Therefore, multilingual websites can be very convenient in such a way that the locals can read content in their own language and feel comfy.

While people logging in form outside their country can review what they are communicating to the world almost equally comfortable using the multilingual option, so both parties are satisfied that way.


WP admin panel language

A small point to note here is that when WordPress is available in your language of choice, then, everything converts to that language, the tabs that you need to press to upload content, all the icons, everything translates from US English to your chosen language

So, when you want to press the “back” button….it won’t say back, it would say the translated term in your language…

Country codes for WP language pack

Also, it is very easy to install what is known as the WordPress Language Pack to support multilingual content on your website, you do not need to go through a lot of trouble to accomplish that feat.

Just select the country codes for your country to convey to WordPress which format of a language you want since there can be many formats for a singular language. For instance, English [UK] or English [US].

Therefore, once you are done with selecting the country codes, you are all set to mount Multilanguages over you webpages. That’s it, you are done! Bravo!