Brooklyn – The best theme for creative people

Websites have become the essential need of every business entity and there is no doubt about it. To have a website is not only about informing others about your products or services available but it is also about selling and promoting your brand too. This is the reason, which is why many business entities are focusing on click operations instead of having brick operations. Few years back, when the trend of having a website became common, to hire a web developer either on permanent basis or on project basis was considered compulsory to have a powerful site. However, with the passage of time, a lot of advancements came on the screen and to create a site or blog using handy tools became one of them. In simple words, now people, who used to hire professionals for site creation, can create powerful sites on their own via using WordPress. Although various other tools are also available to create sites with easy approach, yet WordPress can be considered the best tool available for site or blog creation just because of its amazing features including easy uploading and modifying the content. Apart from this, it also provides an opportunity to the site developers to select the theme of their own choice to get required results. Lots of themes are available these days but the best one is Brooklyn theme.



What Brooklyn has to offer you?

Now the question that may arise in anyone’s mind is why to prefer Brooklyn theme but not any other. There are various reasons that can be associated with this preference. However, the most prominent reason is the availability of distinct features in this theme. Using Brooklyn, you can present different blogs with amazing idea. Apart from this, a lot of professionals like freelancers, web agencies, creative professionals, photographers, and many others prefer to use this theme due to its amazing support and user friendly features. The best part about Brooklyn is that if offers an ultimate responsive design, which can be adapted to fit the users’ gadget. In simple words, all the features available in Brooklyn are best to enhance users’ experiences.

Handy shortcodes

Although while using this kind of site creation tool, one does not need to know shortcodes yet sometimes, the use of shortcodes become little more beneficial. To deal with such a situation, the best is to use Brooklyn offered handy shortcodes. To use the shortcodes as per your need, you will just to access the shortcode builder, which is having countless shortcodes for providing ease to the users.

Unique portfolio designs

Brooklyn acknowledges the importance of having unique styled portfolio, which is why it offers 3 amazing kinds of portfolio styles, which one can use on one’s site. The best part is that more portfolio styles are yet to some.

Availability of different styles

Last but not the least, Brooklyn supports the provision of different kinds of styles to assist the user in creating one of the unique sites or blogs. These styles include 10 unique hero styles, 3 team member styles, 6 header styles, and much more.

Avada – The fully responsive theme for your site

Online presence has become quite indispensible thing to consider, these days. Do you know? It is just because now everyone wants to get everything with ease. Whether it is about getting information or buying products or services, sites have been considered the best tool. After acknowledging this need, every business entity is also focusing on getting the brand online. Different tools and techniques are available nowadays to achieve this purpose. All these tools have the aim to facilitate the site developers at best but one of the best tools that every developer or business entity loves to use for site or blog creation is WordPress. There are various reasons behind this preference. One of the major reasons is the ease of using it. You will be amazed to know that you will not be required to do coding while using this site creation tool. Apart from this, it will be quite easy for you to add new post, edit old post, change menus and layouts, and much more. Now the question that may arise in your mind is which type of theme should be used by one to create a professional WordPress site. If you are concerned about the same thing then you must try Avada theme.


Avada – The most complete theme available for you

Avada is one of the best themes available nowadays for site or blog creation. This theme has a lot of features to offers, which make it different from other available themes. What these features could be? Do you want to know? The amazing features of Avada include availability of countless colors, easy installation, unlimited blog options, built in SEO support, translation facility as a language support, and much more. Apart from this, one can also experience extensive documentation, video tutorials, and amazing customer support in case one will prefer this theme for site creation. Besides this, there are various other reasons due to which one can prefer this theme. The details are as follows:

17 home pages are included

We all know that how much important the home pages or landing pages can be. It is obvious that if home page of any site will manage to grab the users’ attraction, there are more chances that they will visit the entire site. Avada offers layouts of 17 different homes pages to its users. Moreover, they can create their own home page via using Avada’s short codes.

Availability of advance admin

The utmost important thing is to control the theme as per your needs. Using Avada theme, you can change any part of theme whenever you want just because of its easy to use advance admin panel.

Custom widgets are accessible

Last but not the least, Avada offers a lot of customized widgets, which are not only stylish but also unique. The best part is that you can use these customized widgets with ease. For this, the only need is to select the widget you want to make the part of your site by dragging and dropping it on the site.



Heaven’s Corner Church Theme for Churches, NGO’s and other non-for-profit organizations

Heaven’s Corner Church Theme is an elegant them that is designed for use by non-profit organizations as well as by NGO’s.

This theme is also designed for use by Churches if they are interested in making up a website for their church so that they can keep their audiences well informed of the events that are taking place at different times in the church.

The theme caters very well to the requirements of a church and so any church would find the theme to be very suitable for use by the church in question.

heaven cornor


This WordPress theme has highly detailed options to take care of your customization needs and to make sure that you get away with what you want from the theme vis-à-vis customizations.

Event management

Events management as well as event count down widgets are included with the theme to take care of the events that you are going to follows up with in your organization.

There are google maps for events to make sure that you get to the right destination at the right time by giving your very concise and clear directions to follow and reach the place where the event is going to be held.

Donation widget

An attention grabbing donation widget is included with the theme so you don’t need to worry about adding one on your own to ask for donation from your users online.

Compatibility with new browsers

The theme is compatible with all new browsers and will open up with all of its features in all of them, without missing out on anything, there are no compatibility issues with any of the new browsers that are available for use.

Stylish gallery

There is a very stylish gallery that comes up to your requirements of a place to store all the pictures and videos that you want which are then stored in one place.

The images and videos can be zoomed so that the users can watch them in any size they feel happy and comfortable with.

Google ads and other widgets
Google advertisements are supported in the Heaven’s Corner Church WordPress Theme and you should have no problems posting them onto your webpage.
Also, quick skin files for fast and easy design customization are also available in the theme, and in addition to that, there are multiple widget areas that are included with the theme so that you can put up widgets of your choice onto your theme.
The widget for facebook that allows users to like the website’s page on Facebook is also part of the theme and so you do not have to expend effort in finding it and then putting it onto the website.
Support for the theme however is readily available and you will find that you do not have to go through a lot of trouble or time penalty to be able to get the answers to your problems; all your problems would be sorted out in a very short span of time so that your site’s working is not affected for much longer as a result of the problem(s) that you are facing.