New to WordPress and Hesitant about Getting started With WordPress?

To begin with something you are not familiar with is quite unnerving. But, here are we to take you step by step into the panoramic world of WordPress.  If anywhere along the way, you need additional help and support plenty of options for easy assistance are included in this article.

Let’s Get Start Then!

Step One- About WordPress

With the comfort of usage, powerful and sophisticated design, WordPress is undoubtedly a great product. Before investing your precious time, money and that little energy consumed in installing WordPress, there are some basic documents you need to know about. It will help you in getting started.

These include the idea about weblogs and what blogging is all about, what is wordpress, its features and some essential bits of information before you install wordpress.

Step Two- Make a Plan

The next step after reading the information and instructions mentioned above is to know about a list of things you need to do. This list must include following information:  Website Host Requirements Checked and Verified, Version of PHP and MySQL checked and Verified, Web Host Compatibility with New Versions of wordpress, Your Website Username & Password, Text Editor Software, an FTP Client Software, and Your Web Browser of Choice.

Besides, WordPress Semantics, First Steps with WordPress and WordPress Lessons will help you further about how WordPress Works.

Step Three- Install WordPress

After taking into consideration all the information and requirements and pondering over your plan about using WordPress, it’s time to install WordPress.

Step Four- Set up WordPress

Installation completed? Let’s setup WordPress to make it work according to your command or the way you want.

Check out Administration Screens guide for clear cut understanding about the features and screens on WordPress Administration panel work.

See the Users>Your Profile pages for guidance about creating your user profile information that will appear on your WordPress Theme.

Visit Administration > Settings > General, to see the site name and other information.

You can experiment with full edit or quick edit features after you’ve published few posts. Go to Administration > Post > Posts’ Panel for this.

Feeling boredom by looking at the monotonous appearance of your WordPress site? No problem. Go to Administration > Appearance > Themes.

Explore the WordPress Codex site that is the official documentation of WordPress.

Appearance and Themes

WordPress Theme introduction can assist you in this regard.

The WordPress Theme Directory offers thousands of themes.

WordPress Widgets can include more content and information to your theme quite quickly.

Detailed information is to be acquired by WordPress blog design and layout tutorials on WordPress Codex.

Or if you want your site look exceptional, it is recommended to search for qualified web designer who will provide you with custom-made theme, designed especially for you.

Advanced Use of WordPress

This article must have helped you to a great extant in getting familiar with WordPress. Even then, if things turn intricate, difficulty arises, no need to get tensed, why to worry when help is available!

Here are some helpful official resources for WordPress

WordPress Codex

Getting More Help

Using the Support Forums

WordPress Forum

IRC Freenode WordPress Support on channel #wordpress

WordPress IRC Live Help


The good thing is that WordPress is free and totally supported by volunteers. Your kind concern and support is always needed to make it a complete success.

How to Locate the True Cost of Building & Managing a WordPress Website?

The special word that pops up in every description of WordPress characteristic is the word “free.” That’s totally true and proven. The required files for installing and running up WordPress are free of cost indeed. Without paying even a penny, the casual content producers could simply sign up at and run their entire website for free. These producers normally wanted most basic features.

But unlike those casual producers, you, the specials, use WordPress like us: as a serious business tool for achieving serious purposes.

For professional minds like you and we, it is understandable that using WordPress costs far more than free.

That true cost is the real concern.

And how can you maximize its potential that drives your business by minimizing the total cost of WordPress ownership?

An Analysis about the True Cost of WordPress ownership

Using WordPress as a tool for organizing business online or off, it is suitable to view it as “authorized business acquisition”, not as “free blogging software.” In this respect, Total cost of Ownership analysis TCO helps a lot. It is a tested model of cost assessment for important business acquisition. It has been used in the world of IT since long.

In IT, total cost can vary greatly from purchase price. There are clear costs to think about but there are also other “real costs” that are mostly ignored. For acquiring

something, this “real cost” is also needed to be considered.

For example, what are some hidden costs linked with WordPress management?

Domain registration, Hosting, Premium theme, developer Fee, Security Services, Storage, Backups & Personal Time, etc.

The purpose is to understand each of these real cost and how it is impacted by WordPress strategies. This will help you in making choices that will maximize the potential.

How to manage your WordPress backed website?, Self-Hosting Option, Managed WordPress Hosting and Premium Managed WordPress Hosting are included in managing your website.

Lets analyze the real cost of above mentioned terms for clear understanding.

How much will it cost hosting your site on

Basic level of shared hosting is free for running your site on But if you want your own domain then it will cost between $18-25 per year. Furthermore if you choose a premium theme, premium theme is to be chosen. It will cost around $70.

No need to worry about security cost. The WordPress management will automatically do it for you. So, in total about $95 TCO for the first year, with changing charge for the domain.

How much will the Self-Hosted Option cost?

If you want to self-host your site rather than on, you can concern a generic hosting provider. You will be provided very affordable shared hosting for as little as $4.24 per month. But it will affect the performance of your website due to massive shared server. For themes you can choose a free one from WordPress theme repository or purchase a premium theme.

About Regular Managed WordPress Hosting?

It is one step up to self hosting. Small businesses can get WP optimizes plan costing $50 per month. For design, purchase one so total cost will be around $79.95.

About Premium Managed WordPress Hosting?

Access to the genesis framework comes in package in it. In addition all security, storage & support is included. If you only have one site, it will cost around $324 TCO.

The value of Premium managed WordPress is unique. Managing/hosting your own website may consume time, will be more costly and open to the threat of being hacked. WordPress hosting provides ease and security equally.