Main Features

Wpnukes Find a doctor Plugin

Wordpress Find a doctor plugin is a useful plugin which allows users to check online specialists of different fields. They can make online appointments with a specific doctor after looking at their profiles. The doctors, on the other hand, can check that how many appointments they have received for a specific day.

How it works

Following steps are involved in using ‘finding a doctor plugin’.

  1. The user has to choose the specialties from the given menu and also choose the state, city and rating of the doctor. By clicking on the submit button, the user will be taken to the profiles of different doctors matching their searched criteria.
  2. After searching for the specific physician, the user can get an appointment from that doctor. The user will have to click on the “get an appointment” button and enter the full details about him/herself as personal details, contact information and appointment information.
  3. The user can click “send request” after entering the required information.

The specific request will be send to the doctor who can review his/her appointments by logging into wordpress admin panel account.

How to use "Find a Doctor" Plugin

Follow these steps:

  1. Log into wordpress admin panel.
  2. Click Doctors-> Doctors under the main navigation menu in dashboard.
  3. You can find the doctors listing.
  4. Add, edit or delete the profiles of doctors.
  5. You can also check in this section that how many appointments each doctor has received but a doctor can only see his appointments after logging into his wordpress admin panel account.
  6. For reviewing the appointments, click Doctors->Appointments under the main navigation menu.
  7. You will see the patient names, doctor names and other details of the appointments which can be edited or deleted if required.

Create a doctor listing page

Follow the steps to create a doctor listing page.

  1. Login to wordpress admin panel
  2. Go to Pages -> Add New
  3. Just choose a page template "Doctor Listing" from right side.
  4. Pulish Page and Doctor listing page is ready.

The preview of doctor listing page will be like as under;

Creating / Managing Appointments

Appointments is a page where doctors/administrator can view and manage appointments. You can find existings appointments or create new appointments at Doctors -> Appiontments. Follow the steps to create appointment page.

  1. Click Doctors-> Doctors under the main navigation menu in dashboard.

Create an Appointment form

Follow the steps below to create an appointment form

  1. Login to Wordpress admin panel
  2. Go to Pages -> Add New
  3. Insert shortcode [FW_appointments_form] into the editor.
  4. Choose page template "Appointment Form" from the right side.

Appoinments are manageable by administrators or users whose role is "doctor".