HELP- NGO WordPress Theme

In today’s vast growing world of NGO’s, H.E.L.P is particularly designed for business organizations and NGO’s. This WordPress Theme is with the ease of modification. Fast skinning is allowed due to the inclusion of customized PSD files. The design is Responsive, with events, news and blog that is best suited for NGO’s.

HELP - NGO Wordpres Theme

The Unique, On Demand Characteristics

NGO’s are all about events, so events, news and blog management is the key feature

The base of NGO’s is supported by funds and donations so donation widget is included.

HTML5 is valid, strict and with CSS.

PSD files are customized.

Custom graphics make it easy to change color skin and background to give alternate look.

Skin files are fast for quick design customization.

Detailed clean documentation is there.

Multi level Dropdown menu that is further improved with JQuery.

It offers compatibility with all new browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome & Opera etc.

It has Quality source Code that is nicely formatted and commented for making editing swift.

For Help, Support or Queries

Although the documentation is clearly formatted so that you may not have any difficulty working with this item, yet help and support is always needed. So, for any help, kindly send us an email using the contact form available on our user account page. Don’t forget to mention the theme name, website URL and your queries in detailed form.

Help is usually provided within 24hours on weekdays, depending on the number of requests in queue. visits us at

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