Bluri Theme best-suited for all kinds of businesses

Bluri is a single page WordPress theme that boasts of a very attractive design that is best suited for business related websites.

The design of the theme is such that any kind of business would easily be able to adjust to the features of the theme and actually find them very helpful for updating the website with all of the information pertaining to its business.


Different Color Combinations

The Bluri theme comes with three different color combinations and that make it very catchy to the eye and hence it maintains a high appeal for its visitors. This translates into a favorable impression of the business to users and they would most probably be inclined to read about what the business is all about and what it stands to offer them in terms of its products and services.

Extremely Customizable

This WordPress theme is based on bootstrap and it has a powerful admin panel that lets you control so many things about the theme which you may not have had experienced before.

There are highly detailed options that you have been given relating to the theme so that you can make changes to the theme and make it look as you envisioned it for your website.

You will realize that a lot of effort has been put into ensuring that the user of the theme does not complain about the theme being a closed end thing.

This means that the intention of the coders of the theme was to allow any and every change that the administrator would like to make to the theme, as per his choice.

Custom tile and header

There are custom title options available with the Bluri theme which allow you to add customized titles to your webpage so that they look even more creative and attractive with such titles added to them.

There is also a sticky header that is available and that you can put to good sue if it looks cool over any post.

Portfolio columns view

Moreover, there are available 3 portfolio columns view in the Bluri theme such that they allow 2 columns, 3 columns as well as 4 columns view over the theme so that whichever view is more appealing or useful can be adopted and used for the purpose of giving out relevant info about the subject business.

Blog Post Formats

There are also 3 blog post formats such as pictures, audio and video, that allow the use of any of them to be uploaded to the website so that interest can be generated for incoming users by combining these different forms of multimedia with textual content that is uploaded onto the website such that the users enjoy browsing the website of the subject entity and wish to come back as well.

So there are a number of features of the Bluri theme that would help make any website look very attractive and appealing to the looks and would therefore contribute to a high traffic over it.