Top 4 Reasons To Choose WordPress

WordPress comes with lots of features don’t it? Tools, plugins, themes and plenty of other widgets make it the first choice of most of the developers out there. Today, there are a number of open source platforms available that are equally good as WordPress but why is still WordPress being preferred all over the world? Take a look at the top 4 reasons why WordPress development is being chosen these days:


1.       Graphical flexibility

WordPress is an open source blogging that comes with a number of attractive themes. These themes are easy to use and they can be customized easily too. Tons of packaged themes are available. The graphical flexibility of the WordPress development means you can hire a template designer to make the most of the out this CMS. He can update the static look of your site through the CSS files and HTML coding. The designer can also make a customized theme for your website by merging different template files.  The theme structure will add flexibility to the design of the website.

2.       Structure flexibility

You can add a number of pages to your WordPress website and have them arranged in a hierarchy.  The multi-language support and domains can make this CMS development much more favorable.  You can easily add custom content too but for that you will need to use add-ons.

3.       User roles 

The most useful feature of WordPress is that it allows you to define user roles for your website. 3 administrative roles are being currently supported by WordPress. The users who can draft content are not allowed to publish. There are users who can draft and publish their content as well as that of other people. Lastly, there are users who can draft and publish their own content only. You can define more roles through add-ons.

4.       Web 2.0

WordPress is not just a dynamic content management system, it is also being widely used as a blogging tool. This web 2.0 functionally is used by most of the bloggers out there. It can let the visitors post comments and the visitors can even create their personal blogs using WordPress. You can also use it as social networking platform by using the add-on modules letting your visitors create their own groups and make friends. Users can also publish RSS feeds for their content.

There are more benefits of using WordPress too. The community support and SEO friendliness of the website makes it much more prominent among the other content management systems. If you wish to add some advance features to your site, you might be able to understand what to do because for this the knowledge of core structure is required. But no problem, you can readily find the WordPress developers. You will have to make sure you hire a WordPress developer from a reputed PHP development firm if you wish to get the best results.

On the whole, everyone will find WordPress a lot useful. It will make simple and attractive websites that will be loved by the visitors. That’s all what any business might need.