WordPress or HTML- Which one is better?

With time, WordPress is becoming popular and it is replacing the static HTML websites.  If a comparison of WordPress and the traditional HTML website is made, then it’s obvious that the former one will prove to be far better.  Each day, more and more businesses are gaining an online presence.  These businesses need an effective system on which they can create simple websites and manage them according to their requirements. They need an effective platform on which they can manage their innovations.

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If you are about to develop a website for your business, here are a few guidelines that might help you in determining which CMS to choose:

WordPress is easier to use

Everyone by now must be aware of how to use WordPress for blogging. It is best for blogging. A number of plug-ins are available that can enable you to customize your blog or website both according to your needs.

WordPress is easier to manage than any other content management system. No HTML coding is required to mold the design of the website. You can even manage minor content updates easily. This is a lot tougher in a static HTML websites. Before you start building the website, you have to master HTML coding. That’s the only way you can actually make changes in the website. Even if they are minor changes, still coding will be required. This is not something which a common user can be familiar with.

On the other hand, a WordPress website can enable you to add pages within a few seconds.  No coding or professional assistance will be required.  Whenever you add new content on a WordPress website, the site map will immediately ping on Google, Bing and Yahoo automatically. This feature is not present in HTML.  All the content that you upload on your WordPress site will be stored in a database.  This saved content can be reused if you wish to make changes in your website again.  If you want to make such changes in your HTML website, you will have to start everything from scratch. It will be like building the website altogether.

On the go feature of WordPress

Do you know that you can make changes in your WordPress website even if you are on the go? The WordPress technology can also be used on your Blackberry, Android and IPhone.  There is no such feature available in the HTML website.

Are there any cons of WordPress?

We have just focused on the positive points of WordPress. Before choosing anything, you have to look at both the good and bad side in order to make everything the right choice. There are some problems with WordPress too. It cannot be as effective as HTML website for the e-commerce needs. Furthermore, if you have to produce content on your website frequently, then again WordPress will not be a good option. The traditional HTML website here will be safer to use. WordPress websites are also vulnerable to security. They are under the target of most of the hackers. HTML websites on the other hand are safer.