WordPress in your language

By default, WordPress is available in English Language [US] when it is used by millions of webmasters the world over for the sake of their websites.

This is the man language that is used to upload content onto websites that employ WordPress for their content generation.

WP language

However, it is true that since WordPress is used across the globe, across different cultures, many people may not be comfortable with using English as a medium of conversation, especially people from nations such as Iran and China etc. who do not approve of any culture more than their own and their leaders speak their own language wherever they go!

WordPress in your local language

Therefore, for all those people who think this way, WordPress has introduced WordPress in your languagesuch that WordPress is made available in many different languages, which means that content can be uploaded in the mother tongues of different cultures and communities the world over.

Poetic websites

This naturally has a very positive effect, especially for websites such as those dedicated to poetry etc. where content loses its impact if it is not uploaded in the tongue it is written in but uploaded in English Language instead.

This is therefore a thoughtful addition on the part of the WordPress team and it has stuck a chord with all those people who wish to see their workings in their own language.

For instance Iran

For instance, the official website of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, www.president.ir, is in Persian, amongst other languages that are supported, all thanks to WordPress development team.

Multilingual support

Moreover, another very useful feature of WordPress themes is that they can support MORE THAN ONE language at one and the same time which practically means that they are translation ready.

Therefore, should you feel more comfortable in one language as compared to the other, you can simply shift to that language and review content posted on a website in your language of choice.

Therefore, multilingual websites can be very convenient in such a way that the locals can read content in their own language and feel comfy.

While people logging in form outside their country can review what they are communicating to the world almost equally comfortable using the multilingual option, so both parties are satisfied that way.


WP admin panel language

A small point to note here is that when WordPress is available in your language of choice, then, everything converts to that language, the tabs that you need to press to upload content, all the icons, everything translates from US English to your chosen language

So, when you want to press the “back” button….it won’t say back, it would say the translated term in your language…

Country codes for WP language pack

Also, it is very easy to install what is known as the WordPress Language Pack to support multilingual content on your website, you do not need to go through a lot of trouble to accomplish that feat.

Just select the country codes for your country to convey to WordPress which format of a language you want since there can be many formats for a singular language. For instance, English [UK] or English [US].

Therefore, once you are done with selecting the country codes, you are all set to mount Multilanguages over you webpages. That’s it, you are done! Bravo!