A Couple Of Tips On Creating A Blog

There are many strategies that you can undertake to create a blog, but rest assured that only the solid ones, the ones that are based on deep thinking, well-founded suggestions and most notably good intentions, are going to succeed!

creating a blog

Assuming that you want to be amongst the successful ones, here are a few tips that we have for you to take benefit of, should you have a couple of minutes to go through them.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is such a success story with blogs and websites because it has a very user-friendly interface. This means that an average user who is starting up a WordPress blog from scratch, who has no idea how it runs, which tab to press to perform a certain task, can easily manage his blog using WordPress, thanks to the WordPress development team that realized the strength of simplicity and user-friendliness; no wonder it is paying off for WordPress!

In addition to that, WordPress is all for free, you do NOT have to pay WordPress to be able to use all the features that it offers you because like so many others things that are offered free of charge to users, WordPress fortunately is part of that list. Bingo!


  • Domain Choice

Surely if you are thinking of running a blog, you need a name for it, yes? Well, that is precisely one of the first things that you need to do to get started; choose a name for your blog.

The important thing to know is that your domain name should be catchy and it should clearly display in a word or a combination of words, what your blog is all about.

The name should attract audiences to log into your blog and see what you can offer them because the first impression that they get of your blog is going to be the name of your blog, called the domain name or simply domain and so there is every reason for it to be able to interest them.

  • Domain Type

Intertwined with choosing the domain name is the decision you need to make about the type of domain that you seek, and by that it implies the category that you would like to create your blog into.

For instance, you have to choose whether you are going to create a [.com] blog or a [.org] blog which is an acronym for commercial and organization respectively.

You will have to decide this when setting up your domain name since the chosen extension [.com] or [.org] will show EVERYTIME with your domain name.

Also, people will get to know of your intent of coming up with the blog of your choice; whether it is for commercial purposes or whether the blog is about an organization [.org] or even for education [.edu].

There is a consolidated list for the extensions to domain names and so you should go through it before deciding.

  • Domain Availability & Payments

Second, you have to make sure that the domain name that you choose is available for purchase over hosting services that are going to host your website over their servers.

The most popular hosting service that sells domains has its own website by the domain name of [godaddy.com]; you will have to search their database for availability of the name that you have come up yourself for your own website, along with the selected extension.

It is possible that your domain name is available for sale but not in your selected extension and so you will have to decide accordingly.

In addition, you will have to pay hosting services such as godaddy.com regularly on a monthly basis for storing ALL the info that you upload onto your website.