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SocialPlay is yet another interesting theme from WordPress that is tailored for a website which is about social networking and is therefore all about sharing miscellaneous stuff with lots of people so that they can give their feedback about it in the form of comments and can share it on with other friends in their respective social circles.

socialplay - WordPress theme

Sharing and customizing

This theme gives you the option of sharing miscellaneous videos from any of the major video sharing websites such as You Tube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. such that you can play them on to your own website, all courtesy of the SocialPlay theme.

A very interesting thing here is that this theme can be customized as per your requirements so that if you feel that you do not approve of something that the coders came up with, and that you have something more creative in your mind which you want to see onto your website, you can make good use of the customization option right away and make the theme look almost exactly like the picture that you have created in your mind!


SEO optimized already

More importantly, the SocialPlay WordPress theme has been SEO optimized already which means that you will not have to expend efforts as far as that aspect of the theme is concerned.

You must surely be well informed about the importance of search engine optimization for any website and so if you mount a theme on your website that already enjoys high SEO rankings, then, you must rest assured that you have secured a solid benefit for your website which will start paying off immediately.


Random Uploads

Another very cool feature of the theme is that since it is made for a social networking website, any user who comes to your website would be able to upload a picture, an audio or a video of his choice provided that he is registered and given that he had permission from you as the administrator.

More so, to couple you social networking website with the major ones, say, Facebook, there is Facebook login support available with this theme, implying that incoming users do not have to go through the process of getting registered with you by filling out a form or something; they can simply use their login details stored with facebook to log onto your site and start enjoying right-away~!


Additional features

You also have the option to apply any of your favorite colors on the theme, any color scheme that appeals to you or that is in line with your website’s subject, i.e. whether it is about traveling, about education, about law, et cetera.

In addition to that, the theme also has features such as 404 page error display, the revolution slider plugin, as well as the option for multiple background patterns.


You also have the choice to use sidebars on the left or on the right, whichever appeals to your eye more than the other.

There is also a contact page available that you can use top add details about how people can get in touch with you if they are very happy using your website and want to communicate with you for one reason or another so a couple of cool features there too.

Building Websites On The WordPress Platform

The most robust tool for creating innovative websites these days is known to be WordPress.  Whether the website needs to be made for business or entertainment purpose, you can use this content management system readily.  Even the developers enjoy working on this platform because of the number of useful features it is offering. One major reason behind its popularity is the fact that it is simple and easy to use.

The need of developing a website

Web designing and development sure has become one of the popular trends of the time today. If you are running a business, you must make sure that you have created an online presence. You have to do so to attract more and more customers and drive business growth.  The best way to increase sales and promote your business is to make a website. This website will enable customers to locate your brand and they will be able to shop whatever they need online.


Using WordPress for website development

If you want to make a website, then you would definitely want a high performance website that could be user friendly and that could enhance your site’s visibility. This goal can be achieved by using <a href=””>WordPress</a>. You can use WordPress for maintaining your website in the most organized way. Your website will become much more dynamic and its design can be enhanced too.

Here are some of the main attractions of using WordPress:

  • WordPress can let you customize web content and add themes according to the changing business demands. This CMS consists of simple tools that can help you make your website appealing offering a great user experience.
  • The admin dashboard of WordPress is designed in such a way that it can enable you to manage the website administration in a smooth way. You will have a number of <a href=””>wordpress themes</a> and plug-ins to use for making your website much more appealing and interesting. This sure is a flexible technology that you can mold according to your needs and requirement and hence accomplish a wonderful web development project.
  • The usability and the interactivity of your website will be much higher.  This will be a selling point for attracting audience to your site. Adding new pages in your WordPress will not be difficult. You will not need a web designer or developer to add the pages or make changes for you site. Even a layman can make changes in the website according to his need.
  • The posts are updated automatically with WordPress. You can schedule the date and time for the posts and they will be published to your website automatically.  This means that you can easily carry out your business operations in an efficient way.
  • WordPress is a stable tool that comes with a number of features and functionalities that can make things much easier for not just the users but the developers too. A great thing is that it is even SEO friendly. Your website made out of WordPress will not have to compromise on the search engine ranking. You site will get Increased visibility.

Top 4 Reasons To Choose WordPress

WordPress comes with lots of features don’t it? Tools, plugins, themes and plenty of other widgets make it the first choice of most of the developers out there. Today, there are a number of open source platforms available that are equally good as WordPress but why is still WordPress being preferred all over the world? Take a look at the top 4 reasons why WordPress development is being chosen these days:


1.       Graphical flexibility

WordPress is an open source blogging that comes with a number of attractive themes. These themes are easy to use and they can be customized easily too. Tons of packaged themes are available. The graphical flexibility of the WordPress development means you can hire a template designer to make the most of the out this CMS. He can update the static look of your site through the CSS files and HTML coding. The designer can also make a customized theme for your website by merging different template files.  The theme structure will add flexibility to the design of the website.

2.       Structure flexibility

You can add a number of pages to your WordPress website and have them arranged in a hierarchy.  The multi-language support and domains can make this CMS development much more favorable.  You can easily add custom content too but for that you will need to use add-ons.

3.       User roles 

The most useful feature of WordPress is that it allows you to define user roles for your website. 3 administrative roles are being currently supported by WordPress. The users who can draft content are not allowed to publish. There are users who can draft and publish their content as well as that of other people. Lastly, there are users who can draft and publish their own content only. You can define more roles through add-ons.

4.       Web 2.0

WordPress is not just a dynamic content management system, it is also being widely used as a blogging tool. This web 2.0 functionally is used by most of the bloggers out there. It can let the visitors post comments and the visitors can even create their personal blogs using WordPress. You can also use it as social networking platform by using the add-on modules letting your visitors create their own groups and make friends. Users can also publish RSS feeds for their content.

There are more benefits of using WordPress too. The community support and SEO friendliness of the website makes it much more prominent among the other content management systems. If you wish to add some advance features to your site, you might be able to understand what to do because for this the knowledge of core structure is required. But no problem, you can readily find the WordPress developers. You will have to make sure you hire a WordPress developer from a reputed PHP development firm if you wish to get the best results.

On the whole, everyone will find WordPress a lot useful. It will make simple and attractive websites that will be loved by the visitors. That’s all what any business might need.


WordPress in your language

By default, WordPress is available in English Language [US] when it is used by millions of webmasters the world over for the sake of their websites.

This is the man language that is used to upload content onto websites that employ WordPress for their content generation.

WP language

However, it is true that since WordPress is used across the globe, across different cultures, many people may not be comfortable with using English as a medium of conversation, especially people from nations such as Iran and China etc. who do not approve of any culture more than their own and their leaders speak their own language wherever they go!

WordPress in your local language

Therefore, for all those people who think this way, WordPress has introduced WordPress in your languagesuch that WordPress is made available in many different languages, which means that content can be uploaded in the mother tongues of different cultures and communities the world over.

Poetic websites

This naturally has a very positive effect, especially for websites such as those dedicated to poetry etc. where content loses its impact if it is not uploaded in the tongue it is written in but uploaded in English Language instead.

This is therefore a thoughtful addition on the part of the WordPress team and it has stuck a chord with all those people who wish to see their workings in their own language.

For instance Iran

For instance, the official website of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran,, is in Persian, amongst other languages that are supported, all thanks to WordPress development team.

Multilingual support

Moreover, another very useful feature of WordPress themes is that they can support MORE THAN ONE language at one and the same time which practically means that they are translation ready.

Therefore, should you feel more comfortable in one language as compared to the other, you can simply shift to that language and review content posted on a website in your language of choice.

Therefore, multilingual websites can be very convenient in such a way that the locals can read content in their own language and feel comfy.

While people logging in form outside their country can review what they are communicating to the world almost equally comfortable using the multilingual option, so both parties are satisfied that way.


WP admin panel language

A small point to note here is that when WordPress is available in your language of choice, then, everything converts to that language, the tabs that you need to press to upload content, all the icons, everything translates from US English to your chosen language

So, when you want to press the “back” button….it won’t say back, it would say the translated term in your language…

Country codes for WP language pack

Also, it is very easy to install what is known as the WordPress Language Pack to support multilingual content on your website, you do not need to go through a lot of trouble to accomplish that feat.

Just select the country codes for your country to convey to WordPress which format of a language you want since there can be many formats for a singular language. For instance, English [UK] or English [US].

Therefore, once you are done with selecting the country codes, you are all set to mount Multilanguages over you webpages. That’s it, you are done! Bravo!

WordPress or HTML- Which one is better?

With time, WordPress is becoming popular and it is replacing the static HTML websites.  If a comparison of WordPress and the traditional HTML website is made, then it’s obvious that the former one will prove to be far better.  Each day, more and more businesses are gaining an online presence.  These businesses need an effective system on which they can create simple websites and manage them according to their requirements. They need an effective platform on which they can manage their innovations.

wordpress-icons html

If you are about to develop a website for your business, here are a few guidelines that might help you in determining which CMS to choose:

WordPress is easier to use

Everyone by now must be aware of how to use WordPress for blogging. It is best for blogging. A number of plug-ins are available that can enable you to customize your blog or website both according to your needs.

WordPress is easier to manage than any other content management system. No HTML coding is required to mold the design of the website. You can even manage minor content updates easily. This is a lot tougher in a static HTML websites. Before you start building the website, you have to master HTML coding. That’s the only way you can actually make changes in the website. Even if they are minor changes, still coding will be required. This is not something which a common user can be familiar with.

On the other hand, a WordPress website can enable you to add pages within a few seconds.  No coding or professional assistance will be required.  Whenever you add new content on a WordPress website, the site map will immediately ping on Google, Bing and Yahoo automatically. This feature is not present in HTML.  All the content that you upload on your WordPress site will be stored in a database.  This saved content can be reused if you wish to make changes in your website again.  If you want to make such changes in your HTML website, you will have to start everything from scratch. It will be like building the website altogether.

On the go feature of WordPress

Do you know that you can make changes in your WordPress website even if you are on the go? The WordPress technology can also be used on your Blackberry, Android and IPhone.  There is no such feature available in the HTML website.

Are there any cons of WordPress?

We have just focused on the positive points of WordPress. Before choosing anything, you have to look at both the good and bad side in order to make everything the right choice. There are some problems with WordPress too. It cannot be as effective as HTML website for the e-commerce needs. Furthermore, if you have to produce content on your website frequently, then again WordPress will not be a good option. The traditional HTML website here will be safer to use. WordPress websites are also vulnerable to security. They are under the target of most of the hackers. HTML websites on the other hand are safer.

Getting Started With A Blog Over the Internet

Are you weighing your resolve to get started with a blog over the World Wide Web? If so, then we can offer you some tips that would make your effort disciplined by letting you benefit from the hit and trials of others who have been through the process already.



The first and foremost thing that you need to get down to is to cleanse, yes “cleanse” your mind of the worries of setting up one such blog, a WordPress blog; the unknown fears that tell you that a lot of technical glitches are involved and that it is only the “highly talented individuals” who can come up to it….either you let go of such thoughts right-away or else you will have to let go of your intention to create a blog of your choice….so choose wisely!


Next, coming down to the actual things that you need to do would be to brainstorm and decide on your niche.

There are millions of blogs active over the internet, and each of them targets a specific niche, such as technology, sports, design, SEO, retail, et cetera.

This is the first thing that you need to decide on and that decision itself would be based on your intention to come up with the blog.

For instance, if you love technology, then, you would choose a niche where you would be writing articles and creating videosand then uploading them to your blog on a daily-basis.

If you are interested in making money however by offering SEO services, you would go for a SEO related blog.

If you love sports such as cricket or baseball, you would choose accordingly.

Can You Hold It Long Enough?

Make sure you choose something that you can manage, something that you can continue in good times and bad, a niche that arouses sufficient interest in you to motivate you to keep taking it forward.

Experiencedprofessionals who have had their blogs running successfullyand audiences following them in great numbers, are of the opinion that newbies should create a blog only if they have a hobby that they want to display in a blog.

So, you have to think it over with a clear mind as to what interests you the most and what is it that you would not get bored with or lose track of once it is fully underway.

Greed Is A Bottomless Pit

They explain that newcomers should not be creating a blog for the sake of earning money or for getting famous overnight, irrationally counting on the power of the World Wide Web to take them placesall around the globe! That is certainly NOT what they suggest.

Instead, they make a point by saying that it is good if you want to make money out of your blog but understand that you should have a knack, a GENUINE interest, a solid liking for what you are doing because at the end of the day that is what is going to keep you going.

Nothing wrong with expecting financial rewardsina complete package that includes a lot of things, but everything wrong with making financial gains your topmost priority for creating a blog! Cheers!

What Are The Things To Do After WordPress Installation?

After the swift 5minute installation, there are some 5+ things for you to do.

You can follow the instructions to get familiar with WordPress.

Configure the Permalinks

It is a very important step to do because configuring your permalinks option converts your unreadable url in a readable page url.

To do this, go to “Settings” > “Permalinks”

To choose how your url should look like, visit “Common Settings”, choose an option and click the “save changes button”

Install Some Essential Plugins

After installing WordPress there are some important WordPress plugins that you have to install. These essential plugins may include, Askimet, All in One SEO Pack, Gooogle Analyticator, Google XML Sitemaps, PageMash, W3 Total Cache, WordPress Database Backup.

Choose Your Desired Theme and Activate It

Just after installing WordPress, the standard theme appears. This theme may look weary or you may don’t like it. No problem! As there are many theming options for a lot of elegant themes.

Either you can buy a commercial theme, or utilize software to create your own innovative themes or simply download and activate a free theme from WordPress themes.

Exactly, the easiest is to install a free theme.

Go to “Appearance” > “Themes” (in the left menu). Click on the “Install themes” tab on the top of the page. Search for a theme (click on the “Search” button). Select a theme from the search result list, click the “install” link.  Activate this new theme.

Add your Categories

After installing only one category appears. For more you can create as much as you desire.

Go to “Posts” > “Categories”. Add a new category by filling in the fields. Click the “Add new category” button.

New category will appear.

If you want to change the default category, go to “Settings” > “Writing”.  Select another category next to “Default post category”. Click the “Save changes” button.

Add You RSS Feed To Google Feedburner

The great thing is that WordPress can create RSS feeds. But we will take benefit from Feedburner as it has a lot more features. Just visit you Google account and add your feed to Google Feedburner plainly in 3 easy steps.

Go to, Sign in. Add your feed, this feeds starts with “http://”, followed by your domain name, and followed by “feed/” (for example,

Congrats! You have a Feedburner RSS Feed.

Claim you blog at

Technorati is among the most important blog directories and it’s important to add your bog in their directory. To do this, just sign up and claim your blog


Thanks to WordPress for enabling the successful blog creation with easy installation and even easier processing. Enjoy!