Avada – The fully responsive theme for your site

Online presence has become quite indispensible thing to consider, these days. Do you know? It is just because now everyone wants to get everything with ease. Whether it is about getting information or buying products or services, sites have been considered the best tool. After acknowledging this need, every business entity is also focusing on getting the brand online. Different tools and techniques are available nowadays to achieve this purpose. All these tools have the aim to facilitate the site developers at best but one of the best tools that every developer or business entity loves to use for site or blog creation is WordPress. There are various reasons behind this preference. One of the major reasons is the ease of using it. You will be amazed to know that you will not be required to do coding while using this site creation tool. Apart from this, it will be quite easy for you to add new post, edit old post, change menus and layouts, and much more. Now the question that may arise in your mind is which type of theme should be used by one to create a professional WordPress site. If you are concerned about the same thing then you must try Avada theme.


Avada – The most complete theme available for you

Avada is one of the best themes available nowadays for site or blog creation. This theme has a lot of features to offers, which make it different from other available themes. What these features could be? Do you want to know? The amazing features of Avada include availability of countless colors, easy installation, unlimited blog options, built in SEO support, translation facility as a language support, and much more. Apart from this, one can also experience extensive documentation, video tutorials, and amazing customer support in case one will prefer this theme for site creation. Besides this, there are various other reasons due to which one can prefer this theme. The details are as follows:

17 home pages are included

We all know that how much important the home pages or landing pages can be. It is obvious that if home page of any site will manage to grab the users’ attraction, there are more chances that they will visit the entire site. Avada offers layouts of 17 different homes pages to its users. Moreover, they can create their own home page via using Avada’s short codes.

Availability of advance admin

The utmost important thing is to control the theme as per your needs. Using Avada theme, you can change any part of theme whenever you want just because of its easy to use advance admin panel.

Custom widgets are accessible

Last but not the least, Avada offers a lot of customized widgets, which are not only stylish but also unique. The best part is that you can use these customized widgets with ease. For this, the only need is to select the widget you want to make the part of your site by dragging and dropping it on the site.



Bluri Theme best-suited for all kinds of businesses

Bluri is a single page WordPress theme that boasts of a very attractive design that is best suited for business related websites.

The design of the theme is such that any kind of business would easily be able to adjust to the features of the theme and actually find them very helpful for updating the website with all of the information pertaining to its business.


Different Color Combinations

The Bluri theme comes with three different color combinations and that make it very catchy to the eye and hence it maintains a high appeal for its visitors. This translates into a favorable impression of the business to users and they would most probably be inclined to read about what the business is all about and what it stands to offer them in terms of its products and services.

Extremely Customizable

This WordPress theme is based on bootstrap and it has a powerful admin panel that lets you control so many things about the theme which you may not have had experienced before.

There are highly detailed options that you have been given relating to the theme so that you can make changes to the theme and make it look as you envisioned it for your website.

You will realize that a lot of effort has been put into ensuring that the user of the theme does not complain about the theme being a closed end thing.

This means that the intention of the coders of the theme was to allow any and every change that the administrator would like to make to the theme, as per his choice.

Custom tile and header

There are custom title options available with the Bluri theme which allow you to add customized titles to your webpage so that they look even more creative and attractive with such titles added to them.

There is also a sticky header that is available and that you can put to good sue if it looks cool over any post.

Portfolio columns view

Moreover, there are available 3 portfolio columns view in the Bluri theme such that they allow 2 columns, 3 columns as well as 4 columns view over the theme so that whichever view is more appealing or useful can be adopted and used for the purpose of giving out relevant info about the subject business.

Blog Post Formats

There are also 3 blog post formats such as pictures, audio and video, that allow the use of any of them to be uploaded to the website so that interest can be generated for incoming users by combining these different forms of multimedia with textual content that is uploaded onto the website such that the users enjoy browsing the website of the subject entity and wish to come back as well.

So there are a number of features of the Bluri theme that would help make any website look very attractive and appealing to the looks and would therefore contribute to a high traffic over it.

The help NGO WordPress theme for all NGO’s

The HELP NGO WordPress theme has specially been designed for NGOs and would definitely be  very welcome by them since it would help convey their message to their target audiences in a more accurate manner because it has been designed keeping in mind the needs of Non-Governmental Organizations [NGO’s].


H.E.L.P. features

The H.E.L.P. theme has a lot of features that are very useful for the work of any NGO as they facilitate such an organization in putting up the requisite information onto their website.

The features that are covered include events management, news management as well as blog management so that the organization can easily handle each of these three categories that it needs to manage time and again over its website.

Donation Widget

In addition to that, there is a donation widget available over the H.E.L.P. NGO theme that is sought after by every NGO since they need to be able to receive donations from the incoming public to their webpage.

Further to that, the theme includes aspects such as a valid HTML 5 Strict and CSS as well as a multi-level drop-down menu which is improved with JQuery.

It also includes PSD files as well as all the documentation that is necessary to run it.

Multiple Skins

Moreover, you can easily change color skins and customize graphics using the H.E.L.P. NGO theme and so no worries on that at all.

Also, there are quick skin files that are to be used for the purpose of fast and easy design customization and they would come in very handy for any NGO if it is always looking to customize its webpage in newer ways all the time.

Compatibility with new browsers

The H.E.L.P. NGO theme is compatible with all new browsers so there are no issues of the theme not opening up with all of its features in any particular browser.

No matter which browser you are comfortable using, you can rest assured that the H.E.L.P. NGO theme would work fine with it and display all of your selected elements.

Technical Support

Support for any technical difficulties or any other problem related to the theme is easily available and an email can be sent by the administrators of the website of the concerned NGO to the technical team from WordPress that deals with this theme.

They will respond in their first priority and solve all related issues pertaining to the theme so that all of the problems can be done away with immediately.

You will receive a reply to any of your email queries usually within 24 hours if the email is sent during working days and if it is sent during public holidays or weekends, then the first working day after it would be when you receive your reply so you can rest assured that there would not be any unnecessary delay in the reply to your problems and that you would be given the highest standard of customer service in this regard.


SocialPlay WordPress Theme – Sync Media

SocialPlay is yet another interesting theme from WordPress that is tailored for a website which is about social networking and is therefore all about sharing miscellaneous stuff with lots of people so that they can give their feedback about it in the form of comments and can share it on with other friends in their respective social circles.

socialplay - WordPress theme

Sharing and customizing

This theme gives you the option of sharing miscellaneous videos from any of the major video sharing websites such as You Tube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Blip.tv etc. such that you can play them on to your own website, all courtesy of the SocialPlay theme.

A very interesting thing here is that this theme can be customized as per your requirements so that if you feel that you do not approve of something that the coders came up with, and that you have something more creative in your mind which you want to see onto your website, you can make good use of the customization option right away and make the theme look almost exactly like the picture that you have created in your mind!


SEO optimized already

More importantly, the SocialPlay WordPress theme has been SEO optimized already which means that you will not have to expend efforts as far as that aspect of the theme is concerned.

You must surely be well informed about the importance of search engine optimization for any website and so if you mount a theme on your website that already enjoys high SEO rankings, then, you must rest assured that you have secured a solid benefit for your website which will start paying off immediately.


Random Uploads

Another very cool feature of the theme is that since it is made for a social networking website, any user who comes to your website would be able to upload a picture, an audio or a video of his choice provided that he is registered and given that he had permission from you as the administrator.

More so, to couple you social networking website with the major ones, say, Facebook, there is Facebook login support available with this theme, implying that incoming users do not have to go through the process of getting registered with you by filling out a form or something; they can simply use their login details stored with facebook to log onto your site and start enjoying right-away~!


Additional features

You also have the option to apply any of your favorite colors on the theme, any color scheme that appeals to you or that is in line with your website’s subject, i.e. whether it is about traveling, about education, about law, et cetera.

In addition to that, the theme also has features such as 404 page error display, the revolution slider plugin, as well as the option for multiple background patterns.


You also have the choice to use sidebars on the left or on the right, whichever appeals to your eye more than the other.

There is also a contact page available that you can use top add details about how people can get in touch with you if they are very happy using your website and want to communicate with you for one reason or another so a couple of cool features there too.