Wisdom Of Life: NGO and Charity Theme for corporations, Charities and NGO’s

Wisdom Of Life: NGO and Charity Theme is another useful theme from WordPress that is helpful in a number of ways, for a number of organizations.
The theme has been made to suit the requirements of NGO’s or non-profit organizations or even corporate websites.
The color scheme used in this theme is what gives you the first signal as to what kinds of organizations the theme is most suited to.

wisdom of life

This theme has highly customizable options that let you exercise your will with the theme by allowing you to change it from almost any side or corner and change it to make it look like the way you want to see it.

Donation widget
Also, there is an eye catching donation widget especially made for non-profit organizations and NGO’s so that there is no chance that any visitor to the website would miss the appeal for donation from the subject NGO.

High on demand
There have been thousands of purchases of the Wisdom Of Life: NGO and Charity Theme to-date and that speaks volumes about the popularity of this theme with the organizations that is was made for since the theme is being sold like hot cake in the market!

There is also included a very stylish gallery in the theme for storing your pictures as well as videos so that you can use it as often as you require and have an enjoyable experience while doing so.
The images and videos that are stored in this gallery can be zoomed in or zoomed out which is yet another appreciable feature.

Support for Google advertisements
There is also support for Google advertisements in the WordPress theme, something which will allow you to earn revenue from your website after placing adverts from Google in there so that you are able to earn something to cover the expenditures of running your website.
There are quick skin files available so that you can quickly and easily design the customization that you want in your files.

More widgets
There are many other widgets available in the theme such as the event count down widget that is available with this theme as well as google maps for events.

There is also space for multiple widget areas so that all those widgets that you feel would be useful for the sake of your website, can easily be placed in the designated areas for such widgets.
This feature is bound to strike a chord with you if you already have a list of widgets that you have decided to put onto your website, widgets that are beneficial in one way or the other for your webpage.

There is also the facebook page integration widget known as the like box, that comes pre-installed with the Wisdom Of Life: NGO and Charity Theme and that is sought after by every site since they want users to like their page that they have created on Facebook so that users keep getting their posts in their news feed and are thus constantly reminded of the subject website so that they may choose to redirect to that website and be of some benefit to the NGO or non-profit organization or even the corporate organization in question that is running the website.

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